Winter solstice - new videos

First off, happy winter solstice and happy almost new year!

I just released a monsoon dreaming vol 3 - newsletter. You can view it here. I recorded two new videos on YouTube, go check them out to the left (and continue listening to Breathe Me In, the EP).

At the end of each video, I included

commentary (the Maggie Rogers cover also has a video of me cutting out a snowflake [lol]). I want to get into the practice of providing context (via vlog) as to why I chose the cover song or background about my own song if it's an original.


What do the following things have in common?

Hagia sofia -

"When the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul was built in the 6th century, it was the largest building in the world, an engineering marvel. And the unique acoustics inside inspired composers to write 10 centuries worth of religious music specifically to be sung there." (via NPR)

Conjunction -

"For astrologers, unsurprisingly, this is huge. Jupiter and Saturn are outer planets, meaning they move much more slowly across the clock face of the sky; as such, they’re believed to have influence on a grander scale — on society as a whole rather than on individuals. On top of that, the conjunction is taking place on the winter solstice, one of the most spiritually significant days of the year. It’s the longest night, meaning it marks the point at which days will finally start growing longer — a time associated with rebirth in all forms. “People are saying that this is the same alignment that happened when Jesus was born. I have been hoping for a second coming of Christ to polish off the end of the year, but living in the 21st century, I speculate this can look like an alien invasion,” says Berlin-based astrologer Randon Rosenbohm. “It’s always been an omen in astrology.” (via The Cut)

My music -

Specifically, Giant, an unreleased song of mine that I wrote three years ago.

On the day that I witnessed the conjunction, I came across an NPR story about the Hagia Sofia. What's really cool for me about this story is that researches used something called "convolution" to mimic the reverb that would have existed in the church. When they applied the reverb to music that was recreated from that period, it was absolutely stunning, so haunting. I remembered that from my mixing class, that using the space designer in Logic Pro X, the DAW I use, and the recordings the researcher had uploaded (I figured they were publicly available and I was right), I could also mimic the space of the Hagia Sofia in my own music.

While gazing upon the conjunction, my mind kept wandering back to Giant, which I've been revisiting in recent weeks, and I decided that it was the perfect recipient for this Hagia Sofia effect. The whole background of the song sounds like I'm on an otherworldly plane...almost like a...prayer? Too much

I don't really feel or believe that any of these instances have much to do with Christianity and more to do with history and feeling connected to something older, deeper, hallowed, and magical, even.

There's, something about the timing of the conjunction, winter solstice, this Hagia Sofia reverb effect, and my sudden urge to put up a Christmas tree, which again, is not about Christianity or Santa Clause/consumerism [check out the snow flakes that my partner put on the tree - you also get a view of the tree in the above videos].


1) I've recently become captivated by throat-singing. My partner also informed me that throat singing exists around-the-world, which is magnificent. Especially I've been captivated by Inuit throat singing. You can see videos in my new futurizing playlist. Also check out this Spotify playlist:

2) Try adding a splash of rosewater or cardamom to store bought egg nog - it's delicious!

3) Check out the canvas videos while you listen to Breathe Me In on Spotify mobile. [see the left for what it looks like - I'm pretty proud of them!]

4) Check out the new links I've posted to my mutual aid page (also featured at the bottom of the monsoon dreaming vol 3 newsletter)