Transition to

As I begin to allow myself to be more seen and not just post, create, and exist quietly and behind closed doors it's time to wrap up this self-hosted blog! Really no one is seeing these posts, which has been totally fine, but I'm too comfortable with that. A year ago I deactivated Instagram and really began to work on music and figure out how to deepen my practice. And I'm truly happy with that decision. I feel like I'm actually connecting with folks and building an audience, which I do want. And I don't really check social media and I resist the pressure to post whatever though comes into mind or selfie and random photo I take. Everything does not need to be broadcasted. I think that pressure to be seen is connected to what we feel we need to do to survive in capitalism.

As for this blog, I'm really grateful I got the space to explore more privately without an algorithm or as much chance for random exposure. But it's time to invite that exposure in. And begin to write more sparingly and intentionally and allocate my time according to my capacity, desires, and calling as a music maker <3

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