Tiny Desk Contest Entry 2021

I'm proud and excited to bring you my Tiny Desk Contest 2021 entry, "Giants." This is an unreleased song; the studio-version will be coming soon.

Entry video:

Rehearsal clips:

"Giants" are the people, structures, paradigms, or ideologies in our life that loom over us and keep us from living lives of dignity and abundance — from "flying," metaphorically speaking. It could be anything, but this song has specific meaning as a queer South Asian person especially as it is Pride month. I shirk any "traditional values" that do not recognize my full humanity and I "fly." And as I "fly" higher, my shadow gets bigger the farther I get from the ground. No matter how "small" I am compared to these "giants," I soar high above and make big shadows too.

Thank you to my partner, Patrick, for the support and coaching and for helping me set up the vibe for the video! Thank you to my friends, Anju and Xav A, for their feedback and suggestions to help make this video the best it could be. Thank you to my dear friend, Andriniki, for gifting me the selenite lamp featured in the video! And thank you to all those who continue to affirm my musical journey. It is because of you this entry came to life.

Lyrics and more in the YouTube description.


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