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No capacity to write extensively so I'll just leave with you some thoughts on content that I've come across or been using that I want to share - all found on my signal boost & mutual aid page:

The Twirling Tech Goddess came out with some super relevant content to me. I've been thinking of how to create non-waste merchandise - getting t-shirts or other materials from thrift stores and screen printing them with versions of my cover art or my lyrics. She gives a great overview of the process, which is a lot more time intensive than I realized.

Oh and check out the shop for a friend of mine, warefamos, who creates amazing screen-printed designs below.

Also really inspired by Lido Pimienta and all the work she does (she's a musician and visual artist, both, who makes her own merch - incredible!!!). If you don't want to look at twitter, look at her store here.

Warefamos store:

Also came across this amazing Black design collective...a quote from intelligent mischief (see below):

We dare to dream. The world order we currently live within was someone’s dream. Carving up our continents and appointing leaders like pawns, a world economic system based on exploitation and extraction was someone’s dream, the League of Nations, someone’s utopic vision, the UN, someone’s wildest imagination, the United States itself was someone’s daydream. There was a day when none of these things were real. So we dream boldly and outside the confines of our current conditions. We reject the boxes within which we’ve been told we can exercise our vision. Dream bigger.

Their mission:

"Everyday we wake up buzzing with the mission to create afro-speculative content and experiences that invite Black people to imagine new realities. We create multi-platform story worlds, ephemera, and experiences rooted in a vision of Black utopias."

And check out my podcast playlist on Spotify:

Go check out these amazing Black-owned brands for CBD oils!

And I'm not usually one to promote for-profit corporate tech companies, but Notion, a project management/organization tool, has been so helpful for me to organize my mind and heart. It's really brought so much calm into my life. I feel much more in control over my own self using it and a recommend it. Here's an example:

Oh yea, and I was randomly on the news talking about gathering for "thankstaking" and the importance of social distancing and taking COVID-19 seriously:

And this is also where I shed my shame for my recent de-stressing habit of binging Say Yes to the Dress as background TV (I really like it [lol]'s calming, I like the fashion, and there's always a heartfelt happy ending [oppressive marriage industrial complex aside? *cringe face*])...

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