SAYHU event recap - Letters to Our Incarcerated Neighbors

As part of my engagement with SAYHU, I co hosted an event with my friend Muizz called "Letters to Our Incarcerated Neighbors." We facilitated a space to talk about the prison industrial complex and abolition. Here are some selected slides with statistics from our presentation [you can click the links at the bottom of the slides for text versions of all the statistics].

Here's what inspired me: Mariame Kaba's “9 commitments” to move in solidarity with incarcerated people:

And a letter-writing guide shared by Mariame Kaba:

And the powerful penpal intro from Black and Pink:

Hosting the space allowed me to really shore up my knowledge about the prison industrial complex and I feel [I hope] my commitment to prison abolition is deeper.

If you're wanting to write your own letter, here are two places to do so. And there are many more placed in the guide above:

Black and Pink penpal site:

Black and Pink crescent: