Paying attention to Palestine and other things

If you're looking to understand what's happening in Palestine here are some places to start to learn and support:

# StopAsianHate

Read here for a great discussion on how South Asians factor into thinking about Asian America. It was great to read as we collectively think about how to factor Black liberation across faith communities, caste annihilation, and addressing islamophobia in AAPI communities (or violence towards people perceived as muslims such as non-muslim South Asians and Sikh people) interpersonal and state violence. AAPI experiences, including my own, can not just defined by the experiences of a select few groups of East Asian people. While using the state and the police for protection are a viable option for a privileged few, they are existential threats to Black people, especially, and also indigenous people, Latinx people, and many other Asian groups.

Housing in Houston

Be very careful where you choose to rent in Houston. There are no guarantees even when you do your research, but you must do your research and shop around. Don't just settle on the first place you find. Look at many more.


  • For folks thinking about sitting and working at coffee shops, like me, I'm still going to wait awhile for that. See here.

  • Some random images from the past week or so. See captions.