My heart is hurting for India right now re COVID-19, and how to help

Edit 5/9/21 - new blog post from SAYHU

Equality Labs & SAALT have said it best so I'll leave their emails below to see how you can support.

Update from my friend Debi (contact her here):

Here's a rundown of how you can help. Most of these efforts don't require an Indian bank account, tho a few do. **And if you know a doctor or other medical professional who is ideally fluent in an Indian language, please share this volunteer link. There's urgent need for telemedicine support since doctors here are beyond maxed out.**

1) DONATE to mutual aid (and/or share with folks in a position to do so)

*Mutual aid targeted to caste-oppressed communities

*Trans communities COVID relief

*Another mutual aid list reaching caste-oppressed communities

2) GIVE to Dalit-led groups organizing caste-oppressed people year-round to dismantle the system that put us here in the first place

*Dalit Camera, telling stories of what's really happening in India from lens of caste-oppressed communities

*Dalit Desk, Ambedkarite journalists

*Equality Labs, Dalit feminist organizing based in US (I'm part of their Caste Abolition Giving Circle, and they've just launched a Caste Equity Fund for resource redistribution) *Siddhesh Gautam, Dalit artist whose Dalit iconography is shared across social largely without compensation

3) SUPPORT a small-scale effort to get oxygen to folks

A friend is arranging for the import of oxygen cylinders to share with people sick with COVID. This is a small-scale mutual aid effort being set up now to support local working people in our area around Anjuna, Assagao, Siolim. If you feel comfortable donating directly to me, I'll use the funds to purchase the oxygen. I don't have all the details yet, and will update you, if you're interested in supporting.

If you know of additional resources or places to donate, esp. in other parts of South Asia, please get in touch. And for news about what's really happening, check out The Wire and The Caravan. They also run on donor support.