May day, the work of Alexandria Perryman, and Ustad Bismillah Khan for Dalit History Month

Happy May Day! And gratitude to all those who fought in the past and who continue to fight to make our lives more joyful, easeful, abundant, and filled with dignity and grace <3

Speaking of people who do amazing work, I'm absolutely enchanted by the work of Alexandria Perryman in sound

I love sci fi and space and I work with sound - she's like merging the two (minus the fiction part)! So cool!

Loved her advice on mixing for podcasts vs mixing for music. I hadn't realize that folks will respond negatively to overly compressed spoken vocals, but that makes sense. And also, she's from Houston!

Super interesting Q&A - I totally reco reading it!

Dalit history month - Ustad Bismillah Khan

As a musician, this post about Ustad Bismillah Khan ji, a Shenhai player, really spoke to me <3