Just what the songwriter ordered ~

Lightly-clouded blue sky and California desert, featuring a highway
Highway while leaving Joshua Tree, CA (Nov 2020)

I was talking to a friend and I came with this idea to prescribe my songs for different "moments." You can see find the "apothecary" of my full discography on Spotify or my website:

Breathe Me In - if you're needing more "you time"

Castles 2.0. - if you're needing a change

Wanderer - if you've been searching for something

Endless Wonder - if you're in love

Forever - if you want to be in the present moment

The Predatory Wasp... - if you're feeling nostalgic

More Than One Way - if you're feeling walled in

Greener (with Anju) - if you're feeling depleted

Divine - if you want to dance

Nineteen - if you're feeling nostalgic