It's disgusting...

...that folks have to work for so little pay and work so hard and for such long periods too.

This article brought me a lot of perspective about what I have and the fact that I don't often have to think twice about getting things I need, or even want; sadness for the state of things and how people are suffering; and anger that this is fixable problem (link to Raise the Minimum Wage Campaign) and that there are people are choosing to let this class and race-based oppression proliferate.

I wonder what the wage rate (or more likely salary and benefits package) is of these people who do not use their power to raise the minimum wage or who think it's a bad idea. Do they have someone in their lives they know, love, and respect whose work is being devalued and disrespected like this? Does knowing that there are people who work harder than them but make so much less make them feel more powerful, like they are better than them?

The piece below also gave me more perspective and calm - it was a balm <3