I've been doing this since I was a kid...


I'm getting into this practice of recording my rehearsals. I'm rehearsing a special cover (coming soon) and also an acoustic version of Breathe Me In (go listen to the new EP here!!!). Here's a screen grab of the rehearsal (I just washed my hair hence the towel on the head - lol):

I've been doing this I was a kid...

I had a random thought the other day - how I've been doing this sort of creative work since I was a kid. I remember I tried to start a "magazine" with a friend and tried to create a "jewelry" business with him too using clay beads and string that I got as a gift. I also used to draw dresses and tried to convince my uncle to manufacture them; he told me that he had a manufacturing plant (he didn't - so cruel!). Sometimes, I feel all over the place but I think I'm also just staying true to myself. Anyways, I wonder what the little me would have to say to the adult me. What would your younger say to you?


Also, I was listening to Spotify and I was so warmed to see my friend listening to my music. I let me them know. They're an amazing poet! Go check out their work here.

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They almost immediately calm me down, and they're so cool!

For the archive

Here's some music promo art I did for a Facebook post in the Summer of 2013