Gratitude and dissonance

I feel grateful and complicated about getting second vaccine today knowing that there are many more people in the world who are on the frontlines that could have used those doses and given all that's going on India. I know nothing would have come have not taking the vaccine. It's not as if my dose would have gone to someone else in another country. But I still feel complicated about it.

Here's a recent incisive article in The Atlantic: India Is What Happens When Rich People Do Nothing and more about how to help in this blog post.

I don't necessarily feel relieved or anything. I feel glad that I did my part, but until most of the world is vaccinated - I won't truly feel "relief." This is from the standpoint of wanting well for everyone and also knowing that I'm not safe until we have global herd immunity.

I also feel complicated making the decision to go back on Instagram. I'll do a post here soon about that, but in the mean time, you can learn more there with my edited first post and also here in this blog post.