"Endless Wonder (live & acoustic)" and "Mermaids" cover on YouTube

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Endless Wonder (live & acoustic) - LIVE NOW

Listen now to the rest of the Breathe Me In EP.

This is a love song for my partner.

This is a very sensory and visual song. My favorite lyric is "we crown ourselves in blooms of lazy Summer."

The choruses are about me delighting in the magic of that love and how it constantly surprises me.

It's balanced by verses where I discover the importance of being on my own, being separate. And how this is can be challenging. But how vital autonomy is to our lives.

Looping in the the overarching theme of the generative and transformative nature of mutual love, I sing "the seeds we plant will grow to be, a field of flowers a sanctuary — a forest filled with love and endless wonder..."

Leo Kalyan - Mermaids (cover by Uliya) - LIVE ON 4/18

When this EP came out, I listened to it on repeat. Leo Kalyan is definitely on of my favorite artists of the 2010s (and maybe of all time). I think the aesthetics of the song and his music in general are compelling, but him being a fellow queer diasporic South Asian artist is huge for me. I feel like a "fan," but moreso I feel like his contemporary and listening to his music brings me a lot of inspiration and solace as a human, but also as an artist.

I think I read at some point that he describes his music as impressionistic and I love how that comes through in the sounds and lyrics of this song. I can speculate what this song might be about but in searching for meaning, I think I discover much about myself in what I want it to be about. I learn about myself through a sort of guided musical self-reflection.

As a songwriter, this excites me.

You can listen to more from Leo Kalyan on Spotify.