Do it yourself: Creating my own lyric video for Breathe Me In

Currently having so much fun in YouTubing and searching how-tos, creating a lyric video for you all for Breathe Me In in Davinci Resolve!

Screen capture of Davinci Resolve workspace

I was pondering and pondering, scouring the web and asking around — trying to look for someone who can do motion graphics for lyric videos. My partner has been capturing, as well as myself, some amazing video content to create these lyric videos.

And if you haven't pre saved my EP yet, do so here.


While looking for inspiration, I looked up

a new fav artist, Arlo Parks, and was instantly inspired by their lyric video. And also Tanerélle's too! So simple and so compelling and captivating (go check them both out to the right):


I had downloaded Davinci Resolve a bit ago to create a visual for my Sufjan Stevens cover (see left).

I remembered how much fun I had exploring the software. Recently, I've been really inspired by 3D art and motion graphics by artists like Smeccea and Mue Studio. I love making music (and writing etc), but there's something so immersive and meditative about creating visual content. It's been something I've been wanting to dive into more and more both digitally and in real life (wood working and jewelry making anyone? lol).

Speaking of which, go check out the Twirling Tech Goddess making really cool wearables out of emerging, accessible, and user-friendly technologies — innovating past limitations. Totally an inspo to me —challenging me to DIY and push past limitations of what I think is accessible to me.


I absolutely love making my own cover art and doing iPhone photography. I "built" my website myself using Wix (which essentially setup like a lite version of Adobe photoshop). I know that I may not being creating that is UX optimized or following the latest web trends, but it's artistically aligned with me.

Regarding this lyric video project, I found some cool effects "in-the-box" of Davinci Resolve for free. I also came across Motion Array which had some amazing motion graphic overlays that really spiffed up the video. I'm amazed at how intuitive everything is, both due to ease-of-use and the fact that I'm building on prior experience using Logic Pro X, Adobe Photoshop, and iMovie.

[Edit: I was reading Ocean Vuong's book "On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous" today. There's so much subtle yet potent, expository meaning. It's not literal or performative. And I would love to achieve that in my visuals (and lyrically too) but I think visuals contextualize the work. I wouldn't want to over exaggerate meaning in order to be edgy or "relevant" (I think it would be strange for me to have, for example, a montage of protest footage as a lyric video) but I think there are topics that I regularly think about and discuss that surface in my music (and art) and I want to find ways to honor that...maybe I'm already doing that though and I should have less doubt...idk]

I'm excited to see how this visual-maker journey continues...

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