I'm feeling saddened, triggered, an on edge about all the recent Anti-Asian violence.

Posting resources below:

Two things to sign on to:



I appreciate what Kavita included in her email from Sakhi:

“We also want to acknowledge that, within the AAPI community, distinct Asian communities have distinct experiences with racism. As we work to create safety & dignity for all, we must center East Asian and Southeast Asian experiences, disaggregate our language, and focus on the root causes of anti-Asian violence.”

And a snippet of the Red Canary Song Statement:

“Policing has never kept sex workers or massage workers or immigrants safe. The criminalization and demonization of sex work has hurt and killed countless people—many at the hands of the police both directly and indirectly. Due to sexist racialized perceptions of Asian women, especially those engaged in vulnerable, low-wage work, Asian massage workers are harmed by the criminalization of sex work, regardless of whether they engage in it themselves.

Decriminalization of sex work is the only way that sex workers, massage workers, sex trafficking survivors, and anyone criminalized for their survival and/or livelihood will ever be safe.”

Anti-Asian Violence Resources Carrd

Resources UltraViolet shared:



As well as Houston United Against Hate:

Edit: Another email from SAALT, South Asian Americans Leading Together

Queer|Art (NYC based org)